Summer Glau rehearsing for Serenity

I really love that she fights like a dancer.

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- Benedict Cumberbatch (x)











I replayed this video 15 times just to make sure I wasn’t mishearing. SHERLOCK DEFINITELY SAYS ANYTIME. OMG

Hell. He does. There’s this very defined /t/ sound and an /a/ at the beginning. 

I hear it too, but I wonder if I’m hearing it cos I deliberately listened for it? Stupid John why do you have to talk over him so loudly? :|

Whatever was said, I think we can all agree it was not in the realm of stag night platonic times with your bro.  Whatever he’s saying, all I see is that look he gives afterward, and “Anytime,” really just looks like, “OMFG John groped my knee. Finally. It was magnificent, best knee grope in the history of knee gropes.  Brilliant.  Please, feel free to feel up my thigh while you’re at it, you were half way there as it was.  Single most erotic experience of my life so far.  Would it be too suspicious if I fell between his legs and groped his knee, as well?  I don’t mind either, John, and don’t you know that yet?  Fuck me, John.  That would be lovely.  We should really do that.”

 That scene would have been 4000 times better if Sherlock thought the knee grope was the go ahead to throw himself at John. He’s confused by social situations. Aren’t you supposed to pull your mate’s cock out and play it like a Stradivarius in that situation? 

I have seen the light. It IS “anytime.”

It definitely looks more like “anytime” here. The lip movements for the initial sound in ‘me’ and final sound in ‘too’ would require more compression or rounding.

More #fakesherlockmovieposters here.

More #fakesherlockmovieposters here.

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Is this the start of a #fakesherlockmovieposters series? Yes, I think so.

More #fakesherlockmovieposters here.

More #fakesherlockmovieposters here.

Wow hiatus. Many crack. Such lack of regrets. (x)

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Benedict Cumberbatch attends the Laureus Welcome Party ahead of the 2014 Laureus World Sports Awards at the Carcosa Seri Negara on March 25, 2014 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia[HQ]


"You have just killed a man."
"Yes, I—. It’s true. But he wasn’t a very nice man."

Well, this is just lovely.


TO:                           L_____

FROM:                      Sara ______

RE:                           Having It All

DATE:                       March 2014

Dear Boss:

You know as well as I do that we women can’t have it all. Unfortunately, my life recently only illustrates this sad truth. How could I possibly do a good job at work, and have friends, and sleep, and finish George Eliot’s 1872 magnum opus, Middlemarch?

All of these critical life-activities require time and energy and thought (except for sleeping), and frankly, the situation seems hopeless. But I’m solutions-oriented. I’m a self-starter. I thought I could fix it myself. I tried to give up sleeping (it seemed the least essential) and all that happened is that I walked into a bunch of doors. Failure. I tried to stop having friends but they just kept calling. That was failure number two.

Well, I refuse to fail any longer, and I refuse to stop trying. I point-blank refuse to let society limit me! 

With just a few workplace adjustments, I won’t be forced into any extreme measures. I’d like to request that you consider the following:

1.     Dedicated and secluded reading spaces where I can check up on my Middlemarch friends and make sure they’re okay – not all the time, of course, but when plot points are particularly tantalizing. Dr. Lydgate, buddy, I’m worried about you.

2.     A general relaxation on our start time. Have you ever tried to read a brick of a book while standing on a packed rush hour 2/3 train? Have you ever been in the middle of this grand feeling that because of this book, you suddenly get human nature in all its vanities and bravery and small-mindedness and so on…only to be elbowed in the face? Seriously, in the face. It’s very unpleasant. If we could adjust our start time to 10 or later, I think it’d really help.

3.     An office-wide ban on people saying “Middlemarch?” with tones of bemused ridicule. Also all the skeptical looks. If you could send a stern email to the office at large about that, I would appreciate it. I know you can do nothing about those heathens who have somehow never heard of it, or the client who laughed bitterly at the name because he hated the beginning so much. Those are my own burdens to bear. I don’t like it, but I accept it.

4.     That our workplace better fund access to support groups that I will doubtless need after I reach that dreaded final page.


Your Dedicated Employee, Sara

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